Don’t let foot pain handicap your golf game

If foot pain is keeping you off the golf course, it’s time to take care of it before you miss another tee time. If you’re still playing, but foot pain is starting to get worse each time out, talking to a foot and ankle specialist is the best way to save your swing and take the pain out of living the life you want.

Although golf is not a contact sport, the repetitive actions of swinging the club and walking long distances throughout the course of 18 holes can add up to painful injuries over time. Eventually, you’ll be looking for how to stop foot pain from affecting your life off the course, too.

Dr. Pereira sees some common themes in golfer injuries. The movement and weight transfer during the swing and follow-through can cause jamming and deterioration of the big toe joint, a condition called hallux limitus. Without treatment, it can take a golfer right out of the game.

This condition can be complicated by a history of damage or trauma to the big toe area. If the toe has been broken before, you could be more likely to develop hallux limitus. If left untreated, the joint could become arthritic and eventually require surgery. However, early treatment may simply call for a prescribed orthotic.

Another common issue is known as a neuroma, or pinched nerve, at the bottom of the foot. Pressure applied through swinging the club, walking, and even kneeling to line up a put can exacerbate a neuroma once it begins to develop.

Dr. Pereira advises golfers to avoid shoes with a spike directly beneath the ball of the foot as this can apply additional pressure to an area susceptible to developing a neuroma. Another option is to simply remove a spike that’s in this problem spot.

Treatment for foot pain can’t wait until next season. With the weather perfect for year-round golfing here in Northeast Florida, it’s important to take care of your feet today.

Dr. Pereira’s main goal is to keep you living the lifestyle you enjoy. He’ll work with you to develop a foot treatment plan that accomplishes just that. In many cases, invasive surgical procedures can be avoided. Using advanced therapies and the latest technology, treatment and recovery is done with as little disruption to your daily routine as possible.

Almost any procedure needed to treat common foot pain causes can be done within our office at Anastasia Medical Group. That means one location and one team of doctors and medical professionals to guide you through your treatment.



Don’t let foot pain handicap your golf game