Why You Should Go to Physical Therapy

People of all ages go to physical therapy in the Jacksonville area every day. There are many reasons to seek the help of one of these movement specialists. They help with recovery from surgery, treatment of chronic conditions, injury treatment, and muscular imbalances. Physical therapy will often be prescribed by a doctor or specialist, but it can also be sought by individuals who are struggling with a minor injury or aches and pains.

Is a physical therapist a doctor?

Practicing physical therapists (PTs) in the United States must hold a doctoral degree in physical therapy as well as a state license. They may also be certified in a specialty. While many people may refer to a physical therapist’s assistant (PTA) whom they regularly see as their physical therapist, this position actually works under the direct supervision of a licensed PT.

Just like your primary care physician, dentist, or other medical specialist, a PT is an educated, experienced, and licensed medical expert who is qualified to provide a high standard of care.

What does a physical therapist treat?

Sports injuries and surgery recoveries are probably the two situations that most people think of when it comes to PTs. Whether it’s a news story about a professional athlete rehabilitating an injured leg or a primetime drama featuring a character struggling to regain strength after a surgery, you can bet a PT or PTA will be in the shot offering encouragement and helping them along.

While scenes like these surely play out every day, every patient’s need for a PT is different. It could be that you strained your back in a work-related accident. It could be that you need to regain movement in your toes after foot reconstruction surgery. It could even be that you require mobility treatment as part of recovery from burns or injuries sustained in a car accident. In short, PTs and PTAs help people move past mobility or strength limitations that are holding them back.

Here are some other conditions you may be surprised to know that PTs treat:

  • Vertigo
  • Concussion
  • Joint dysfunction
  • Urinary incontinence
  • Headaches caused by poor posture or stress


Where do I find a PT?

Anastasia Medical Group is a great place to start! While PTs work in a variety of different environments from hospitals to athletic training centers, anyone in the St. Augustine area can find a well-resourced PT right here in our offices. We not only have all of the tools and devices needed to diagnose and treat your condition, our staff includes specialists certified in a wide range of procedures and medical disciplines, so a second opinion is just a question away.

Call to schedule your first appointment with a Physical Therapist today or stop by for a consultation. Taking that first step is the only thing between the pain or discomfort you’re living with today and a course of treatment designed to help you live strong and pain free.


Why You Should Go to Physical Therapy