Should I see a podiatrist for fallen arches?

Fallen arches can do more than slow you down—chronically sore feet prevent many people from doing the things that make them happiest. From keeping up with the grandkids to playing a round of 18, it may be time to see a St. Augustine podiatrist if foot pain is holding you back.

If you think you may be suffering from fallen arches, you’re not alone. Many Americans experience this painful condition every day. According to Dr. Ryan Pereira, “Fallen arches, also known as flat feet, is a legitimate medical condition affecting around 5% of Americans.”

The origins of flat feet vary. Some are born with this condition, others develop it over a lifetime spent walking, running, and standing on hard surfaces, especially at work.

Regardless of when you may have developed the condition, chronic pain in one or both feet is definitely a reason to see a foot and ankle specialist.

Adult-acquired flat foot is the most common type of fallen arch condition. An over-stretched tendon that supports the arch is typically the culprit. In another common type called flexible flat foot, the foot is flat when standing but returns to a normal arch shape in non-weight-bearing situations.

Only a medical assessment can accurately diagnose fallen arches. It’s important to seek a foot and ankle specialist’s opinion so that steps can be taken to treat the condition and work toward reducing or eliminating pain while standing, walking, or running.

Dr. Pereira says that a variety of treatments may be available depending on the patient and the severity of the fallen arches. Sometimes it’s as simple as modifying or limiting activities and introducing stretching exercises or physical therapy sessions. Custom shoe inserts, like orthotics, and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications may also be enough to reverse the condition.

Anastasia Medical Group also has the resources and surgeons on staff to provide surgical treatment of fallen arches when necessary. A range of different procedures may be used to relieve long-term pain and improve foot function.

By offering the full scope of treatment options for minor to the most severe cases of fallen arches, Dr. Pereira can tailor a course of treatment that’s ideal for every patient. He has the experience and the proven track record to be able to ensure a positive outcome.

Don’t let foot pain keep you down any longer. Seek a specialist’s opinion and start moving toward the treatment that will help you get your life back. The right time to act when dealing with chronic foot pain is always the same: right now.





Should I see a podiatrist for fallen arches?

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